How to Get Verified on Social Media?

Whether it’s your personal account or a business one, having the verified sign on your profile is a huge achievement. Due to the excess of fake profiles, most users don’t usually believe any random profile. But a verified social media account makes your profile look credible, and people start to trust you.

However, getting verified on social media isn’t a piece of cake, and many people get rejected during the procedure. The most prominent reason behind this rejection is not knowing the proper verification procedures and tips. So, to help you get verified on Instagram, TikTok, etc., we have compiled the best guide. Let’s start with Instagram first!

How to Get Verified on Instagram?

According to Statista, by 2023, there will be around 1.2 billion active users on Instagram, and almost everyone wants to get the blue verified sign on their profile. However, passing Instagram scrutiny and meeting basic requirements isn’t an easy task. Others get rejected for not adhering to Instagram’s guidelines or for not following the proper rules.

Here’re the tips you should follow to get verified on Instagram:

  • Attract the maximum number of organic followers to interact with your brand on a daily basis. .
  • Don’t add any other app account links, for instance, “Add me on TikTok username,” as Instagram algorithms don’t appreciate such things.
  • Go with your real name on Instagram or brand name and be completely authentic.
  • Be the top-searched account, as Instagram notices how many times your account has been searched. Use hashtags to increase your visibility.

How to Get Verified on TikTok?

Ever since TikTok was launched in 2016, the company has been among the most widely used social media apps. Due to this popularity, getting verified on TikTok is a priority for many users. However, you need to follow proper tips and tricks to get verified on TikTok, as the platform is a bit picky when selecting accounts for verification.

Here’re the tips you should follow to get verified on TikTok:

  • Be consistent with content creation and make videos that are according to the trends and demands of the viewers.
  • Make a video that gets featured on the “For You” page, as one viral video can land you the verification status.
  • Make your presence on other social media platforms robust and try to get verified there. It increases your chances of getting verified on TikTok.
  • Work with brands or influencers to skyrocket your fan following, which results in a verification sign.

How to Get Verified on YouTube?

Being home to around 15 million active content creators, YouTube is another great spot for making your social media presence strong. Thus, everyone is trying their best to win the race for verification status. Here are tips that can help you achieve this milestone – get verified on YouTube:

  • Identify your niche of interest, choose the right equipment, and make engaging content.
  • Be active and try to respond to comments on your videos, as it assists you in building trust and recognition.
  • Be authentic and real, so the users can have a heart-to-heart connection with your content.
  • Use the right hashtags to get ranked and appear in search results.
  • Encourage the audience to participate with you as much as possible and ask them to hit the “like” and “subscribe” buttons.


These things might appear smooth as butter, but they aren’t. But, if you follow the right strategy to build, manage, and grow your profile, then even Instagram verification— relatively toughest of all— isn’t a few clicks away.

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