Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown is a reality television star from the hit TLC show Sister Wives.
Janelle has been an integral part of the family since 2010, representing often as a maternal figure to other members of the family. Janelle is also
a businesswoman, having successfully navigated a real estate career and a large direct sales business throughout her time on the show.

Janelle offers a unique perspective to Sister Wives and brings a healthy dose of positivity to every situation. She has truly made an impact for the entire cast and it’s no surprise that Janelle remains one of the fan-favorites!

Janelle is a mother, and a grandmother who loves meeting new people and figuring out what makes them tick. Janelle believes in respect for all of her kids’ beliefs, cultures and expressions and encourages them to reach for their full potential.

Janelle lives by the motto that if you want to think big, act small. Janelle puts family first no matter what and loves spending time with each of them making memories that will last forever.


Janelle Brown is the second – and arguably most mysterious – wife in the Sister Wives family. Janelle often speaks through subtle jokes but is untamed, unapologetic and determined when challenged. Janelle is a unique and vibrant character who gives an interesting spin to the show. Her wise outlook on life and her self-reliance have allowed Janelle to soar higher amidst all of the chaos that comes with living and working with so many big personalities.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives has become a fan favorite — due to her authenticity and charisma — that provides both glimpses into a different lifestyle, as well as valuable lessons we can all take with us in life.

Janelle is signed with Manage Clout and her business managers are Dominique Enchinton and Tonia Ryan.

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