Tonia Ryan


With over 30 years in the entertainment industry and the entrepreneurial space, Tonia is the CEO of Techvoya.com who owns over 26 different businesses and high profile URL’s.

Her businesses include:

Lucks Luxury E-Magazine
Tonia In Vegas
Manage Clout
Squared Realty of NV and FL
Inance Skincare
Clout Stat
@RealToniaRyan Instagram page with over 1.5 million followers

With Manage Clout, Tonia is currently the business manager of several reality TV stars (some who have their own TV shows) with major television networks.

She represents New York Times best selling authors and social media influencers with millions of followers. Tonia herself has over 1.5 million Instagram followers and has one of the highest engagement rates on Instagram for profiles with over 1 million followers. She beats the top 25 worldwide profiles on Instagram for engagement and has millions of views on her combined YouTube channels. 

She is currently a partner of Mange Clout Business Management where she represents some of the most well known celebrities and influencers in the entertainment industry and she is the President of Tonia In Vegas. A members only luxury travel booking website that saves its members thousands on 4 and 5 star hotel accommodations.

Tonia is also a highly respected business mentor with a roster of clients who own multi-million dollar companies and thriving entrepreneurs who use her branding and exposure services through her advertising agency Clout Stat.

Her skincare brand Inance Skincare is a luxury medical grade skincare line that just celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary. They are retailed online and located for sale in the most expensive resort to ever be built on the Las Vegas Strip, the fabulous Resorts World. Inance Skincare items can also be found inside of the iconic Fred Segal store.

In 2023, Tonia became the CEO of LUCKS LUXURY, an online luxury digital magazine based out of Las Vegas. This digital news magazine plans to bring you the best when it comes to luxury goods, travel experiences and entertainment news. With interactive features like “Get Verified” and “From The Source.”

She is co-owner of Squared Realty with broker Derek Cavan who is a highly recommended real estate agent and broker for over 20 years. Licensed in Nevada and Florida, Derek focuses on the Las Vegas area and the South-East region of Florida that includes: Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade Counties.

Tonia also owns a portfolio of high profile URL’s including salad.tv, smazy.com and skncare.com. She is an expert in business mergers and acquisitions and a strategy specialist who knows how to make brands grow and “be seen”


Derek Cavan

Real Estate Broker Licensed In Nevada and Florida.

Derek Cavan is a highly respected real estate broker serving the Las Vegas and South Florida market. He is widely known for his work in the industry, especially in South Florida where he focused on commercial real estate. Derek and his team acquired a restaurant/nightclub that sold for millions above asking price and the business was featured on several TV shows, getting nationwide press in the news and written about on the highest ranking media outlets.

Currently, Derek is the founder and CEO of Squared Realty, a real estate agency that has cemented its spot in the Las Vegas housing market, helping people get their dream homes and focusing on commercial real estate in South Florida.

A 20-year veteran in the real estate industry, his extensive background, solid network, and unbeatable negotiation skills have enabled him to penetrate the highly-competitive sector and take the Las Vegas real estate market to the next level.

Derek Cavan


Growing up in the show business industry, Dominique knows the entertainment business inside and out. She has strong negotiating abilities, highly respected contacts in the industry, and a keen eye for talent.

She is currently the business & talent manager of several reality stars (some who are the stars of their own TV shows), New York Times best selling authors, athletes, musicians, and entrepreneurs who are under contract with major networks.

She is currently the partner of Mange Clout Business Management where she represents some of the most well known talent and celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Dominique is also an executive producer, highly experienced in film finance, and a philanthropist

Dominique Enchinton

Senior Editor

Derek is a true academic powerhouse. His sharp mind, creative flair and passion for learning started at a recently ranked #1 preparatory school called Pinecrest in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale. Then Northstar Academy, an online academically advanced school, where he achieved an impressive 4.2 GPA while taking college courses during his high school junior and senior year.

In the future, Derek has his sights set on Florida State University for his bachelor’s degree with the aim of studying law at UNLV. He is working towards a double major, a Masters in Business Administration & a Juris Doctorate. On top of all this, he also has over 10 years of photography experience working behind the scenes on television and film sets. If you ask us, he is on a truly remarkable journey!

During his free time he enjoys singing, exercising, writing, studying and designing, but he loves spending time with his family the most.

Derek Ryan Cavan II


Creative Director