Kathleen Martinez

Kathleen Martinez is a licensed attorney dedicated to uniting families with her unique blend of family-based and employment-based immigration services. Her commitment to helping immigrants was inspired by the journey of her husband, Alejandro: as a first generation Mexican American immigrant himself; together they have devoted their lives towards reunifying families in the US.

Committed to making legal status achievable for all, Kathleen founded Martinez Immigration so now more than ever before individuals can start anew here on US soil without breaking the bank!

She has also been featured on numerous press articles and television shows that include:
People Magazine
NY Weekly
LA Tribune
NY Post
Kelly Clarkson Show
Tamron Hall Show
US Weekly
Page Six
Good Morning America
The Morning Show
and more

Attorney Kathleen Martinez

Kathleen is a social media sensation, empowering women, immigrants and underrepresented communities with her inspiring content. Through her verified YouTube and TikTok channels she educates viewers on green card opportunities in an informative yet engaging manner.

To further assist these communities financially Kathleen also established an innovative virtual law firm providing efficient services to clients around the country!

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